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John Buell

Director, Flight Team Training

Gene Robinson

Director, Flight Operations

Michael Joseph

Director, IT/Equipment

Guy Schultz | Director, Business Development | Drone Pilot Inc.

Guy Schultz

Director, Business Development

Frederic Dupuy | Sales, Drone Pilot Inc.

Frederic Dupuy

Sales, Drone Pilot Inc.

Enrique Flores | Sales, Drone Pilot Inc.

Enrique Flores

Corporate Sales, Drone Pilot Inc.



Drone Pilot Inc. was registered and established in Texas on April 10, 2014 and located in Austin.  Drone Pilot is a Veteran-owned Small business, founded by Austin Texas Peace Officer John Buell, partnered with legendary FireFighter Gene Robinson (THE GRANDFATHER of SUAS SAR) focused primarily as a professional service provider of unmanned air, ground, and maritime robotics.

Drone Pilot provides complete insource and outsource options for professional organization seeking this technology for data collection. We were created to set a standard of safety, pilot flight training, flight checks, platform knowledge, platform maintenance, site assessments, hazard awareness for clients with no knowledge of operating the technology. We have witnessed inexperienced, reckless operators, and irresponsible acts which to the public has blamed on the DRONE technology and not where the true cause of the problem lies, with the pilot!

Drone Pilot has built a training program for all experience levels to a high standard of safety and responsible flying practices. Drone Pilot training staff are all active duty/retired public safety professionals from fire, police, and military organizations. The Drone Pilot cadre are experienced professionals promoting safety first using public safety training tactics as our training delivery platform standard.


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